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Feminine care products that work with your body to aid in healing common issues such as odor, irritation, BV, Yeast, dryness, itchiness, and low libido.

Regular Feminine Wash

-natural organic ingredients

-balances your pH using herbs and essential oils

-gently cleanses the area to keep odor away

-great for all over body and daily use

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Natural Organic Non-toxic Paraben free

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Muhabbah Gel

Aphrodisiac Body Wash

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Welcome to Awrah Care! We specialize in natural organic feminine care products for women to remove the worries of odor and build confidence! We want every woman to experience the luxury of using natural products that provide the body with the best environment to do what it is designed to do!

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Struggling with odor is a thing of the past! We know all too well the struggles of being a woman and wanting to fall apart. The countless gyn appointments and trips to the pharmacy for what seems like a bandaid. Let Awrah Care be the link between restoring good hygiene and overall well being.